What is Monolithic Casting?

At Waste Spectrum Incineration Systems is a truly unique and superior incineration system, partially due to our signature monolithic casting technology. Devised and designed by our team at Waste Spectrum, no other incineration manufacturer utilises a technology quite like it. Comprising of strategically placed metal anchors, insulation board and poured concrete, our monolithic casting is a more efficient and effective way in which to line an incinerator.

As our machines reach extreme temperatures, the steel fabrications expand and contract; our monolithic system allows the concrete to move with the steel fabrication. And unlike any other system, this prevents damage to the machine.
Additionally, its ability to move and grow as the machine is used allows the machine to reach greater temperatures without posing a risk to the machine’s integrity.

Overall monolithic casting technology provides a greater user experience, increasing a machines durability and longevity, whilst also increasing its productivity.

Trust monolithic casting.

Trust the experts.

Trust a Waste Spectrum Incineration System.