Waste Spectrum Incineration systems – Built to Last

Quality & Reliability Cast in Our Concrete

Incinerators built to last. That’s what we do best. For almost 30 years Waste Spectum Incineration Systems have been paving the way for world-class incinerators. We strive to provide our customers with superior build quality and efficient, robust incinerators that last.

Our incineration solutions are designed by expert engineers with many years in the industry. Our machines are constructed using only the highest of quality materials that are sourced from reputable British suppliers. Our exceptional build quality is testament to the highly skilled craftsman that build our machines by hand and to order.

Our Research & Development team are constantly working on our design and new innovative ideas with the sole purpose of making our incinerators even more robust, long-lasting, and efficient than ever. The Waste Spectrum Continuous Improvement Programme has been implemented as a way of recognising challenges our existing customers have experienced and to ensure they are assessed seriously to constantly improve our machines.

Our engineers receive ongoing rigorous training and development to ensure they provide only the best service and support to our customers. Our customers know that when their machine needs servicing or maintenance work, the person who attends their site will be professional and qualified.

At Waste Spectrum we are proud to know that we are offering a superior piece of equipment that is built to last. We often hear from our existing customers about how happy they are with their machines, and on many occasions we hear from customers who have one of our machines and it’s still going strong after 15 years of service.

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