The Clinical Signs of African Swine Fever

As a pig farmer or pork production business, you have a crucial role in protecting yourself and your neighbors against African Swine Fever (ASF). By being able to spot the clinical signs of ASF, you can ensure biosecure practices are implemented and further spread of the disease is halted.

The clinical signs of ASF can vary depending on the strength and severity of the virus, and the type/species of pig:

Subacute and chronic forms are caused by moderate or low strains of the virus, which produce less intense clinical signs and can last much longer periods. Mortality rates are low but can still range from 30-70%. Whereas in acute forms of ASF mortality rates may be as high as 100%. In some cases, death can be expected in as little as 6 days, and up to 20 days.

The Clinical Signs That You Need to Look Out For:

ASF Could Also Look Like:

If you suspect ASF is present amongst your pigs, based on the presence of clinical signs, confirmation must be made by a laboratory to differentiate it from CSF. Know the signs, prevent the spread of disease, and protect your livelihood.

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