Smite Farms

Testimonial: Smite Farms

“In 2016 we established Smite Farms Limited; a large family-run poultry farm based in Nottinghamshire.

Our operation has around 500,000 broilers and as with any large broiler farm, we need a method to dispose of fallen livestock.

In order to dispose of our waste efficiently and ensure our farm maintains the highest levels of biosecurity possible, we decided to invest in an incinerator.
During a visit to the Poultry Fair, we only looked at one incinerator and purchased immediately based on the promises they made. After using the incinerator for a short time, it became very quickly apparent that the machine could not keep up with the standards we required and were promised by the manufacturer.

We consulted Waste Spectrum in order to get independent advice on the incinerator. Ross came to visit us and demonstrated to us that the machine we had would never work as we required. We returned the incinerator to the manufacturer and received a full refund as they had mis-sold the machine.

Following the support that we received from Waste Spectrum, Ross talked us through our options and provided us with a solution we trusted would meet our requirements.

Throughout the whole process we had continuous support from Ross and the Waste Spectrum team, and the customer service was great.

The Volkan 450 was dispatched after just a few weeks of manufacturing and a Waste Spectrum Engineer commissioned it ready for use straight away.
Our staff quickly got used to the machine and how easy it is to operate. The efficiency of the incinerator was proven as it dealt with our waste at even the highest levels of throughput.

After several months of using the incinerator we are more than happy with its performance and couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Waste Spectrum.”

Richard Ogden,
Owner, Smite Farms Limited