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Testimonial: Old Flatts Farm Pet Crematorium

“Five years ago, I lost a dog that was my best friend and I was so close too. I opted for a cremation via the corporate Vet route, as I has no idea there were any other alternatives.

“The whole process affected me a lot, having found out that she was placed into a plastic bag, frozen in a chest freezer before being driven halfway across the country.

“It took just under 3 weeks for me to receive her ashes back, the whole process was so cold and business like. She was a member of my family and she deserved better.
It was at this point I didn’t want any other pet owner to go through the same thing, and they should be given the same dignity, care and respect that a family member walking on two legs would receive.

“I set out to establish Old Flatts Farm Pet Crematorium, a place that would provide a bespoke and personal service in a caring and compassionate way. Part of providing this service was ensuring I could offer the highest quality of service with outstanding location and facilities, from our building and Chapel of Rest through to our cremator.

“When considering incinerators, I found the industry quite intimidating. There seemed to be so many misconceptions and prejudices, I was hearing horror stories about emissions damaging the environment, planning issues and hard sell tactics in an industry I knew nothing about.

“After dealing with one incinerator manufacturer I was left with little to no confidence. Upon contacting Waste Spectrum, I was immediately listened to. Ross (their sales representative) talked me through my options and helped me to understand how the incinerators work and more importantly, the process I would have to go through in order to achieve my goals.

Waste Spectrum took the time to understand how I work and see the vision I had for my business. They were completely transparent and provided me with all the information I needed to ensure I made a decision that was right for us and our facilities.

“I was offered extensive advice and continued support throughout the process – Waste Spectrum even supported me with my planning applications. I was always kept in the loop and my sales rep was hands on – visiting me or calling me with updates when I needed them, or even when they were just passing by.

“When my machine arrived on site the engineer commissioned the incinerator and gave me some great tips and tricks to make sure using the machine was as simple and efficient as possible.

“I’ve had the Incinerator for quite some time now and it still looks immaculate. Of course, I’ve looked after it and maintained it, but its testament to the build quality. This is important for my business as sometimes my customers like to see where we cremate their beloved pets. In addition to that, the incinerator runs efficiently and has had no problems.

“On occasions where I have needed to speak to the technical department for advice and support, they have been more than helpful – always making themselves available to lend a hand when I need it.

“Waste Spectrum continue to be a pleasure to work with and I now consider them to be friends more than business colleagues. Their machines are manufactured with such great quality that I know the machine will last. And now my business is expanding, I will be buying another incinerator from Waste Spectrum because I know I’ll be able to rely on them into the future.

“Without them, I couldn’t have achieved the success that I have so far and Old Flatts Farm wouldn’t have become the number 1 go to destination for pets and owners in the North of England.

“We have a lot to thank them for.”

– Chris Beckett, Managing Director Old Flatts Farm Pet Crematorium –

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