Amber and Jason – Slaughterhouse

Testimonial: Amber and Jason – Slaughterhouse

In 1974 we established our slaughterhouse with the aim of processing meat for the food industry in an ethical and sustainable way.

45 years on and we have maintained our ethos while our operation has grown. Providing our customers with high-quality produce is what keeps them coming back and ensures our great reputation.

For many years we have been disposing of our waste using a collection service. In line with our growth, this collection service has increased their prices. Prices that have now become so high we have been forced to search for an alternative, more cost-effective solution.

Another element of our business that we have always worked hard to sustain is excellent hygiene and impeccable biosecurity. Protecting our site, product and therefore customers from disease and contamination is of upmost importance. The risk involved in allowing a waste collection truck onto our site is a major concern to us.

We needed a solution for our waste that cut costs and maintained high levels of biosecurity. After doing some research and coming across Waste Spectrum online, we discovered that incineration was the solution for us.

Waste Spectrum have a wide range of incinerators and after speaking with their helpful team discussing we quickly established that the Hurikan 500 was the solution we needed.

Not only did the machine provide excellent value for money, we could also see that we would get fast payback in comparison to the collection costs we already had. Also, the incinerator would allow us to take back control of our biosecurity by processing all our waste on-site, and without the need for a collection service.

Waste Spectrum dealt with our enquiry immediately and helped us with all the additional information we needed to make our decision and gain permissions from the authorities. The support we received from the Waste Spectrum team was above and beyond what we had expected.

Now the machine is on-site, we love it. The machine achieves burn rates higher than we imagined and the incinerator has awesome performance.
We would totally recommend Waste Spectrum and their incinerators to anyone.