“Sin Krust 2016 have been using the Hurikan 1000 for two years now and we couldn’t have made a better choice. The high capacity and mobility of the machine suits the needs of our company in an excellent way and allows us to operate in different environments and conditions. We have used the incinerators to deal with outbreaks of Avian influenza both in the winter and summer and the burn rate and efficiency of the machine are unparalleled.

The burn rate of 1000 kg per hour is performed in a cost and fuel efficient way, which is vital for us from a business point of view. The incinerator is easy to deploy, operate and load, which is a big advantage especially when you need to use it on various locations. In our day-to-day work we incinerate a wide variety of animal carcasses such as poultry, pigs, equine, cattle, sheep etc. and the Hurikan 1000 ha proven to be equally efficient.

“The technology behind the Hurikan 1000 allows us to provide environmentally friendly and biosecure incineration, which has been highly appreciated by our customers. Furthermore, if operated in the right manner, the incinerator requires low cost and infrequent servicing and the maintenance support provided by Waste Spectrum has been superb.

“We would definitely recommend the Hurikan1000 to any business that has to deal with large quantities of waste or disease outbreaks. Mark my words- you won’t regret it.”
– Management,
Sin Krust 2016