As a Waste Spectrum Environmental customer, you can be assured that we will deliver our products and services to the standards you would expect from an industry leading and internationally-renowned company.

By adhering to what you tell us, we make every effort to advance our products and services to meet your requirements and the altering needs and that of the incineration industry. With the aim of leaving you with positive dialogue with Waste Spectrum Environmental. Even when we come across unforeseen unanticipated challenges.

Rooted throughout our working practices, high standards and great service is the cornerstone of what we do.

Our charter sets out how we propose to meet our obligation to our customers and fulfill our self-regulatory obligations.

The following are the basic commitments we make to our customers:

We are committed to:

  • Providing a professional, efficient and courteous service
  • Keeping our service under persistent review and improving our processes seeking out and applying best practice in all aspects of our service ensuring all our customers are treated fairly and with equality
  • Providing information about our products and services in plain language to enable you to make an informed purchase decision that best suits your waste incineration needs
  • Responding to your calls and emails 48 hours and offering a maintenance hotline, where you can also report product issues.
  • Providing services that recognises the particular needs of customers, including updates   on our technology Investment
  • Because of our central location, Waste Spectrum Environmental can offer a face-to-face service across the globe, unparalleled by our competitors

In return, we ask you to be open in your dealings with us, by providing all the information we need to provide you with the best advice.