Volkan 600

Volkan 600

Animal & Fish
Burn Rate (Up to kg/hr) Fuel Consumption Diesel (LPH)
50 6 - 9
Static Operational Dimensions (LxWxH) (m) Fuel Consumption LPG (LPH)
3.2 x 1.9 x 4.2 8 - 13
Chamber Load Capacity (kg) Fuel Consumption Nat Gas (m³/h)
300 6 - 9
Burn Rate (Up to Ibs/hr) Fuel Consumption Diesel (GPH)
111 1.6 - 2.3
Static Operational Dimensions (LxWxH) (ft/inch) Fuel Consumption LPG (GPH)
10’8’’ x 6’2’’ x 11’7’’ 1.5 - 3.5
Chamber Load Capacity (Ibs) Fuel Consumption Nat Gas (ft³/h)
662 220 - 311
*Specification may be subject to change, as part of our continuous improvement plans.

Suited for larger pig operations such as finishing farms, the Volkan 600 enables you to load up to 300kg/662 Ibs of animal waste in a single load. It is also recognised for being able to deal with animal-by-products generated across the agricultural sector. The Volkan 600 is the ideal incineration solution for those looking for a quick, effective and biosecure animal-by-product incineration solution.

Product Details

Ideally suited for:

  • Poultry
  • Sheep – Lambs or Ewes
  • Goats
  • Pig Operations / Finishing Farms – Small Pigs to Sows
  • Game Farms
  • Estates
  • Farm shops
  • Butchers

Machine Construction

Integral to each model in the Volkan Range is the unique Waste Spectrum monolithic casting system:

  • Ensures maximum strength and reliability in comparison to bricked linings
  • Materials expand and contract at the same rate as opposed to bricks and mortar
  • Prevents animal fats penetrating the lining which prolongs the life of the incinerator
  • Insulating board is used to reduce heat loss
  • Maintains an even working temperature for the refractory
  • Our Stainless Anchor System maintains the integrity of the lining


  • Low thermal mass monolithic lining
  • Top loading counterbalance lid, provides full access to the large main chamber
  • Two temperature controlled burners for optimal efficiency
  • PLC timer controls with automatic burner shut off function and rapid ignition pulse fired burners for low running costs
  • Burns up to 50kgs/111 Ibs an hour
  • Load capacity of 300kg/662 Ibs
  • Can be loaded whilst in operation, maximising throughput whilst utilising the inherent thermal efficiency of our monolithic lining

Optional Extras

  • Ash Door
  • Ash Rake
  • Hearth Bars
  • Stack Extension
  • USB Data Logger
  • Heat Exchanger

Fuel Options

Diesel, LPG and Natural Gas

Our commitment

With more than two decades of design, engineering and manufacturing at Waste Spectrum our technical and sales teams have a reputation for working hard to support each and every customer. From choosing the right model through to assisting with technical advice and ongoing day to day engineering support, we are proud to share our expertise.

Our knowledge and experience of a wide range of industries enables us to work closely at every stage of the planning and installation process.

For more information please call 01905 362100 to speak with one of our specialist teams.


All Waste Spectrum incinerators come with a * 2 year warranty as standard.
* 2 years or 2080 hours