Poultry Bio-security


As the threat of Avian Influenza continues to increase globally and as Governments impose restrictions across avian industries, it is important as ever to understand how to increase your bio-security and protect your livelihood.

When we discuss bio-security, we are referring to the practices aimed at reducing and eliminating the transmission and spread of disease. Bio-security is an essential aspect of all agricultural industries and in this instance, it is the key factor in ensuring better poultry health and protection of your profits and livelihood.

Bio-security can be accomplished by adhering to strict and efficient bio-secure practices that eliminate the transmission of disease, viruses and bacteria amongst your birds.

Your bio-secure practices can be broken down into two simple ways of thinking:

  1. Prevention – Preventing the introduction of new viruses, bacteria etc onto your farm/property
  2. Protection – Protection from the spread of disease, viruses, bacteria etc amongst your livestock.

How you achieve both practices can be simplified and made part of everyday working practices on a farm, ensuring a bio-secure environment.


These are just a few simple tips that are often suggested to those within the poultry industry and the adherence to these procedures should aid in preventing the transmission of disease to your property.


In the event disease is transmitted to your farm it is essential to protect your healthy livestock from the infected, ensuring minimal loss to livestock.

Machines in our Volkan Range are some of the most frequently used across the poultry industry, varying in sizes depending on operation size they can be used for small holdings up to large broiler operations. As a quick, clean, cost-effective, and bio-secure method for animal waste and animal by-product disposal, incineration can protect your livestock and ultimately protect your livelihood.

As always, our advice is to keep up to date with local legislation and maintain strict bio-security measures however in the meantime our team of experts are always on hand to discuss your waste management needs.