Pets Everafter pet crematorium

“My purchase of a Waste Spectrum Volkan 500 LPG incinerator was to facilitate the burning of deceased domestic pets in the operation of our pet cremation business, located in Nelson, New Zealand.

“I selected the Volkan 500 after studying many other options on the world market. My parameters included confidence in an established manufacturer, the need to communicate in English language, a robust and simple design, a competitive price, and hopefully, good after sales service.
I was to be well satisfied with the outcome of my decision. After sales service cannot be judged until it is experienced. My experience was that it was the best I have had in connection with anything.

“Your engineering Manager Sam looked after me very well indeed. I was new to incinerators, and LPG burners. Many times, he helped me out by email. There was an occasion he solved a problem while he was on holiday, and another while he was on a mission in Bulgaria. He must have had lots on his mind, yet he solved my problem promptly. Another time he diagnosed a problem to be with a new generator. He proved to be precisely on the mark. In all of these cases of course, there was no possibility of directly inspecting. We were on the other side of the world. Sam was fully aware of the importance of the Volkan 500 to our business. There is a limit to how many animal bodies one can have waiting, once freezer space runs out. Hence to be operational is vital. Most of the problems related to subtle issues with the burners, and their sensitive associated controls and safety devices.

Mechanically or structurally, the incinerator, never failed me. We conducted hundreds of burns, each typically five hours long, over four years. The bodies were mostly cats and dogs. Some of the dogs were very large, up to 80kg. Some of the less usual were sheep, goat’s 100+kg, and a miniature pony 90kg.

“I found Waste Spectrum’s after sales service to be its outstanding strong suit, backing up an excellent product.

I recommend this company to anyone contemplating a purchase.”

Arthur van der Velde
Previously Director of Pets Everafter 2014 ltd
Nelson, New Zealand.