For more than 25 years Waste Spectrum have been enabling the humane and discreet disposal of pets, animals and animal waste using our reliable cremation systems for industries including:

  • veterinary clinics
  • vet colleges
  • humane societies
  • private pet cremation services
  • and many more…

Find us on the supplier directory of the Association of Private Pet Cemetaries and Crematoria.

All of our animal incinerators are DEFRA type-approved and are compliant with EU emissions legislation. Our animal incinerators are also robust and precisely engineered from high-quality materials.

When a pet passes away, pet owners need to know that their beloved pet will be treated with dignity and care through the final stage. However, for any organisation involved in the cremation of pets, this has to be balanced with other factors such as efficiency, ease of operation, safety and cost.

Whether you are a veterinary practice, clinic or pet crematorium wanting to offer a professional and caring service for pets, we have a model to suit any type of pet cremation business.

We also understand how APHA and planning departments work and have helped many customers to overcome stressful form-filling.  If you are going through any kind of licensing or planning request, contact us for help as we guarantee that we can support you.

Our free consultancy service will provide you with all the information you need to understand the licensing process and have confidence in your purchase.

At Waste Spectrum we pride ourselves on providing excellent service. Our aftercare will support you in the event you encounter any problems and we can provide you with all the training you or your team need to safely and efficiently operate your incinerator – guaranteeing you a high-quality incinerator that will provide reliability and bio-security for years to come.

If you would like more information on the best solution to suit you, please contact our friendly team on: 01905 362100