Waste Spectrum Featured in Pig & Poultry Magazine

November 26, 2014

Pig_Winter14_p32From Pig & Poultry Magazine:

Incineration, just like thorough cleaning and disinfection, is at the heart of any robust biosecurity programme and more and more pig and poultry producers are moving away from using the ‘knacker man’ and towards disposing of their own carcases  through  burning.
“I’m still surprised that there are pig and poultry producers still sending their fallen stock and butchery waste off  farm via this route,” says Waste Spectrum’s MD Neil Rossiter.
“The industry is becoming more biosecurity conscious as far as the knacker man is concerned and quite right too. What diseases are lurking on their clothing, their boots and their lorry when it drives onto your unit? It’s a risky business, in my view.”

Click here to download a PDF of the full article and interview.

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