June 10, 2016

Waste Spectrum Environmental Limited have been working with one of the largest broiler producers in the Middle East to supply their UK engineered and manufactured Hurikan 1000E Incinerators for use in the management and bio secure disposal of dead stock.

The broiler producer concerned is one of the largest producers in the poultry industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company employs over 10,000 people and their production achieves 500,000 birds a day and over a million eggs.

Any producer on this scale has a need for a high efficiency, high volume bio-secure incineration solution and Worcester based Waste Spectrum were able to provide the answer with their Hurikan 1000E.

In the first few weeks of operation the Hurikan 1000E incinerated 432 tonnes of poultry waste reducing the waste to just 2000kg of ash, this equates to just 0.46% of the initial weight.

The Hurikan 1000E is one of a range of incinerators designed and manufactured at Waste Spectrum’s global Head Quarters in Worcester England. All Hurikan 1000E incineration systems are exceptionally sturdy, high capacity units designed for use wherever large volumes of waste need to be incinerated quickly and with bio-security as a key pre-requisite. The systems are available either as mobile units or static.

The Hurikan range has been specifically developed to swiftly and easily incinerate a wide range of waste streams, resulting from catastrophic events such as Avian Flu, Foot & Mouth Disease, BSE and Swine Fever, in addition to earthquakes, storms, and oil spillages.

The Hurikan range of equipment can also dispose of medical waste, contraband (such as illegal drugs) and municipal waste in an environmentally secure way. The Hurikan 1000E is the largest capacity EU ABPR 1069/2009 compliant incinerator on the market and will incinerate continuously, making use of its unique de-ashing system.

The Hurikan’s 1000kg per hour burn rate** is the highest of any EU compliant model available; a single unit can incinerate in excess of 20,000 chickens a day (with an average weight of 1.2kg) when operated continuously.  With its unique mobility and rapid deployment, it can be quickly towed and maneuvered into difficult-to-access areas. The Hurikan 1000E can be operational within 2 hours, providing for the swift containment of disease, and saving unnecessary labour and waste transport costs.

Waste Spectrum are the current market leaders in field of incineration and have been in  business for over 20 years, providing waste disposal solutions of all sizes and specifications on a global basis with  a worldwide distributor and technical support network in all 7 continents and in more than 70 countries.


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