Biosecurity Update

May 16, 2014

Biosecurity is right up on the top of the agenda of any livestock or meat producer and the need to dispose of animal carcasses and animal by-products in a biosecure way are a must.

Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) has killed over 7 million piglets in the United States of America in the past 12 months and Europe is becoming increasingly concerned over the spread of this deadly swine virus.

Already the disease has been found in Canada, Mexico and Japan.

The BBC have reported that the virus isn’t harmful to humans or food but that there are concerns in France over the potential economic impact of this disease and the French are set to suspend imports of live pigs and sperm.

PEDv is spread in infected manure and attacks the guts of pigs.  Older animals can survive but piglet mortality rates run between 80% and 100%.

It has been reported that a spoonful of infected feces could sicken an entire herd.   In North America the disease has moved rapidly with some 4000 outbreaks and experts believe that a lack of bio security is an important factor with the US study finding that 17% of trucks going into a slaughterhouse were positive for this infection.

Equally startling is that the research showed that 11% of the trucks had been clean of the virus when they went into the slaughterhouse but were positive when they left.

Dr Zoe Davies from the UK’s National pig Association (NPA) is quoted on the BBC as saying ‘it’s how many animals you are moving around that’s how its being spread.’

For professional advice on biosecure incineration of carcasses and animal by products please call the experts. Waste Spectrum.

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