Lambing Season

Don’t Take Risks with Your Bio-security This Lambing Season

Here at Waste Spectrum, we understand that the winter months can be a particularly difficult and stressful time of year for sheep farmers. Battling harsh weather conditions, and lambing season increasing mortality rates amongst sheep – sometimes as much as 10% – many of our customers have stressed to us that dealing with fallen stock at this time of year can be troubling. A Waste Spectrum Incineration System is often the solution.

Our range of machines are suitable for use amongst various agricultural industries, from poultry, sheep, and pig, through to cattle and equine, we continuously strive to improve and advance our technology to meet your needs.

Over the years our team have developed and improved designs, manufacturing machines suited for specific industries. One of the most recent additions to our machine range is the new Volkan 401, designed specifically with sheep farmers in mind. Side-loading for ease of use, with a chamber load capacity of up to 240kg, the Volkan 401 has a burn rate of up to 50kg per hour.

The Volkan 401 is the ideal solution for sheep farmers looking to manage their fallen stock ethically, quickly, and easily. Our incinerators work by generating extremely high temperatures, causing waste materials to combust and in turn, reduce to on average 3- 5 % ash. Dependant on local regulations, our incinerators can exceed temperatures of 850 Degrees Celsius, ensuring a complete and bio-secure disposal method.

With a PLC timed control system, the ability to load while in operation, and a fully exposed main chamber, the Volkan 401 offers the ideal on-site waste solution for sheep farmers.

Incineration is the cleanest and most bio-secure fallen stock disposal solution and is recognised by DEFRA, SEPA, DAERA and the EU. Choosing incineration over other forms of waste disposal can protect you from bio-security hazards, as our machines can eliminate the spread of disease from fallen stock to healthy livestock in a 100% bio-secure and cost-effective manner.

Trust the incineration experts and speak to a member of our team to discuss your waste disposal needs.

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