Lambing Season

Lambing Season

In the UK and much of Europe, lambing season can start as early as November and continue all the way through to early summer. A difficult time for sheep farmers, the increased mortality rates amongst flocks and harsh weather conditions can add pressure at an already stressful time of year.

Ensuring the smooth running during this period is vital, with lambing season accounting for a high percentage of revenue for sheep farmers, meaning preparation is essential.

Flock size, location and several other factors determine when a farmer begins to prepare for lambing season and what measures they need to take to ensure the prosperity of their flock and new-borns.

Fallen Stock During Lambing Season

Unfortunately, loss of livestock is inevitable during this period. No matter how prepared a farmer may be, not all ewes and lambs will survive.

The biggest contributing factor to fatalities amongst a flock during the winter are harsh weather conditions. With UK weather being so unreliable, it is hard for farmers to predict weather conditions during these months and adjust accordingly. During lambing season, studies have shown that fatalities can increase as much as 10% – many of our customers have stressed to us that dealing with fallen stock at this time of year can be troubling.

How Should You Deal with Fallen Stock During Lambing Season?

Managing fallen stock during this already busy period for sheep farmers adds further pressure and stress, as across the UK and in much of Europe, regulations stipulate that all fallen stock must be collected, identified, and transported (or destroyed) without ‘undue delay’.

So why should you choose incineration to deal with your fallen stock?

By choosing to incinerate your waste, you are choosing to eliminate the risk of biosecurity hazards causing further fatalities, eliminate expensive outsourcing costs, streamline your waste disposal processes, and ensure your site remains clean and tidy.

On-site incineration enables you to take full control of your waste disposal needs, meaning you can dispose of fallen stock, whether that is lambs or ewes with no delay, or need to store and bury their carcasses. Ultimately preventing the risk of diseases spreading and vermin infestations.

Incinerating your fallen stock during lambing season gives you full control of your waste disposal and ultimately peace of mind, enabling you to feel safe in the knowledge that your fallen stock disposal is quick, easy and biosecure.

With the largest range of animal incinerators available on the market and over 25 years’ experience supporting the agricultural community, Waste Spectrum have an incineration system that can support you throughout lambing season and beyond.

Our team of experts can provide further advice and guidance on the models that are best suited to your farms needs and once you have welcomed your incinerator to site, we provide full on-site training for your machine.

Trust the incineration experts and choose cost-effective, biosecure, and efficient waste disposal for your sheep farm during lambing season.

For more information speak to a member of our team today.