Waste Spectrum are committed to helping customers dispose of Invasive Vegetation in an efficient, effective and environmentally friendly way. To this end we developed the Volkan 400 IV incinerator, perfectly suited to the disposal of invasive and non-native vegetation.

Classed as ‘controlled waste’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, many non-native plants such as Japanese Knotweed are having a devastating impact environmentally.

One of the principal and most effective chemicals used to fight Japanese Knotweed -we believe- is soon to be banned by the EA due to its high toxicity. Not only that but unless a landfill site has a suitable permit, this difficult to manage invasive vegetation cannot be disposed of by composting or burying on land.

As a consequence, it is fast becoming difficult to manage and an expensive burden for homeowners, developers, councils, landlords and railway networks. Incineration of invasive vegetation is the answer.

Recognising the problem people are facing, our team of engineers at Waste Spectrum developed a mobile incineration system specifically for the purpose of dealing with invasive vegetation such as Japanese Knotweed.

Our mobile units can tackle the issue in situ, thereby considerably reducing costs of removal and -where permitted- the expense of landfill charges.

This ‘zero to landfill’ solution is both secure and environmentally friendly. It minimises disruption caused by multiple vehicle movements to and from site that is often associated with traditional treatment methods.

Incineration also minimises the carbon footprint associated with treatment and disposal and has full waste transfer record transparency and accountability.

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