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Since our humble beginnings over 25 years ago, we vowed to provide exceptional service and unparalleled manufacturing excellence to as much of the world as we could. Since then, we have developed strong relationships around the globe and as a result, we now have an unrivalled distribution network that continues to expand.

The development of strong relationships and reliable distributors who share our ethos has proven invaluable. We are proud to boast that we have machines in over 75 countries covering all 7 continents, from the Sahara to Antarctica. We provide all our distributors with the same level of training that our own staff receive. This allows us to make sure that our distributors are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to advise on and maintain our incinerators.

If you have a requirement for an incinerator, please get in touch with our dedicated international team who can help to put you in touch with our partners in your area.

Distributor Area