Incineration Options – What’s the Right Choice for My Waste Type?

Waste Spectrum Incineration systems are used across the world in a variety of industries such as agriculture, medical, pet cremation, abattoirs, and by all of those who want to destroy their waste efficiently and effectively.

With a wide variety of incinerators for all applications in waste management. Our machines are suitable for the effective disposal of waste types such as general waste, medical waste, and animal waste.

Our team of incineration experts are always on hand to discuss the best solution for your waste disposal needs. Understanding the waste type that you are looking to dispose of is imperative in ensuring you receive a machine that will effectively resolve your waste management issues and making sure that you get the most from your incinerator.

General Waste
General waste refers to any unwanted refuse material or substance. General waste can consist of materials from community or household activities, such as municipal, and domestic waste. It can occasionally refer to materials from certain manufacturing industries, however a break down of the items and their treatment processes may be pivotal in ensuring you receive the correct incinerator to deal with your waste management problems.

Medical Waste
Between 20-25 per cent of waste generated by the healthcare industry is classed as hazardous waste, unless disposed of effectively and quickly, eliminating the risks they pose to others. Incineration is a proven method to neutralise harmful pathogens in medical waste.

Animal Waste and Animal-by-product Waste
Animal waste and by-product which is not effectively disposed of poses significant biosecurity risks. If left untreated, animal waste can poison water courses and land, which in turn can affect the food chain. Additionally, incineration of animal waste, such as fallen stock from disease can significantly decrease the threat of reinfection and cross contamination to health livestock. Incineration ensures the biosecurity of animal waste, providing a time and cost-efficient method for agricultural businesses who face the increasing costs of waste management such as fallen stock collectors.

As well as the type of waste you will be disposing of, another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing an incinerator is, how much waste you will be burning. This informs us of the capacity of incinerator that you will require. At Waste Spectrum we have a wide range of incinerators, with varying burn rates and capacities. Allowing us to confidently state that we will be able to find an incinerator suitable for your needs, whatever they may be.

At Waste Spectrum, our team are always readily available to discuss the options and solutions that are the best for you.
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