Emergency waste comes in many forms; from medical waste, drugs and illegal contraband to animal carcasses from disease outbreaks. Waste can also come from natural disasters such as floods, tornados and hurricanes, as well as from man-made ones such as oil spillages. It is essential that the waste from any incident or large-scale event is dealt with quickly and efficiently to ensure the safety of the population and to avoid any cross-contamination or further risk to the public. The health of the animal populations, as well as the impact on the wider environment, is also of paramount importance.

The treatment of emergency waste has changed dramatically over the years. In the past, mobile incinerators and the emissions they produced were a cause for concern for many people as they were perceived to generate too much of a negative impact on the climate. These days, a move has been made towards thermal waste treatment facilities that avoid the production of methane gas as a by-product that is harmful to the climate. The use of mobile incinerators to treat emergency waste is currently one of the safest and most sustainable methods employed.

Our Hurikan incinerators are a range of exceptionally sturdy, high-capacity incineration units for use wherever large volumes of waste need to be incinerated quickly. They can help in the control of emergency situations as they can be sent to the scene to enable waste to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact on the environment. At Waste Spectrum, we’ve supplied mobile incinerators to many organisations across the UK. Our experience enables us to fully support your organisation, from advising on specifications to ensuring the best solution for your needs. In addition, each model has a series of options and specifications available for bespoke solutions, so we can help you design an incinerator to meet your exact requirements.

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