Effective Poultry Waste Disposal

Each year thousands of tonnes of poultry waste are produced through the poultry production industry. The improper disposal of poultry waste can have catastrophic effects for those within the poultry industry.

What is Poultry Waste?

The term poultry waste covers a wide range of poultry related products: including dead birds and their carcasses, poultry manure, poultry litter and dressing waste, and the improper treatment of these materials can have severe consequences. If not disposed of correctly, poultry waste can contaminate soil and water courses, which in turn could lead to the contamination of food and drink. It may also lead to the outbreak of diseases amongst other livestock and even the mutation of infectious animal diseases and new strains of viruses.

How can you easily manage the poultry waste produced by your business?

Effectively managing your poultry waste is essential in preventing hazards that may not only affect your livestock but ultimately your business.

To ensure the safety of the environment and the health of those consuming goods, business producing poultry products must continuously strive to make safe decisions regarding the disposal of poultry waste.

Those within the poultry industry are expected to follow stringent guidelines when it comes to poultry waste management, however the costs to safely and securely dispose of waste are often expensive and not necessarily the quickest or easiest option for all to access. As collection fees and transportation prices continuing to rise, compliance with guidelines has become harder for many to adhere to and therefore an easier and more cost-effective solution to waste management is necessary.

With over 25 years’ experience delivering innovative solutions of the agricultural industry, a Waste Spectrum Incineration System has become synonymous with quick, clean, and cost-effective waste disposal. There are numerous benefits to choosing incineration over other forms of waste disposal, many of which have a direct and positive impact on the end user. Our incineration systems are bio-secure, so in the event of a disease outbreak; fallen stock and items that have come into contact with diseased livestock can be disposed of efficiently, eliminating the transference of diseases between the fallen stock and healthy livestock. Whilst not only eliminating the risk of spreading infection, incineration also eliminates the necessity to keep fallen stock and animal-by-products on site for extended periods of time. Waste can be disposed of as and when necessary. Additionally, incineration is cost effective. Our customers see an almost immediate benefit to purchasing one of our incineration systems, as it is cost effective to run and eliminates the necessity to outsource waste disposal with expensive outside agencies. Furthermore, one of the benefits to incinerating poultry waste is that the ash derived from incinerating purely chicken waste, is nutrient rich and can be utilised as fertiliser.

As an industry leader, Waste Spectrum offers a variety of poultry incineration machines for the disposal of fallen poultry stock. Our machines are utilised across the poultry industry in the disposal of chickens, turkeys, game, geese, hatcheries, and more poultry waste. Trust the experts and speak to a member of our team to discuss efficient and effective poultry waste management.