African Swine Fever

Over the last two years African Swine Fever has been spreading across continents posing a great threat to the world’s swine population. Having originated in sub-Saharan Africa back in 1907, the disease was isolated to Africa until the 1950s when the disease was reported in Portugal before spreading to nearby European countries. ASF was then…

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Effective Poultry Waste Disposal

Each year thousands of tonnes of poultry waste are produced through the poultry production industry. The improper disposal of poultry waste can have catastrophic effects for those within the poultry industry. What is Poultry Waste? The term poultry waste covers a wide range of poultry related products: including dead birds and their carcasses, poultry manure,…

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Incinerate, don’t bury!

Stop Burying Waste! The practice of burying waste has been part of our society for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Go back to the devastating spread of the Black Death in the 1300s. The Bubonic Plague swept across the globe, killing more than 20 million people in Europe alone – almost one-third of the continent’s…

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Invasive Vegetation Incineration

Invasive Vegetation

As global warming continues to affect our climates and seasons, various strains of invasive vegetation continues to thrive and spread across the UK, remaining unseen in the gardens and landscapes around us. Many could be mistaken for flowers or indigenous plants to the United Kingdom; however, they pose threats to our indigenous species and could…

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Lambing Season Blog Post - Click here to read more

Lambing Season

Lambing Season In the UK and much of Europe, lambing season can start as early as November and continue all the way through to early summer. A difficult time for sheep farmers, the increased mortality rates amongst flocks and harsh weather conditions can add pressure at an already stressful time of year. Ensuring the smooth…

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Poultry Bio-security

  As the threat of Avian Influenza continues to increase globally and as Governments impose restrictions across avian industries, it is important as ever to understand how to increase your bio-security and protect your livelihood. When we discuss bio-security, we are referring to the practices aimed at reducing and eliminating the transmission and spread of…

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We’re Growing!

We are excited to announce that the Waste Spectrum team have moved to a new production facility! Over the past few years, the business has grown immeasurably due to increased international demand for our range of high-quality incinerators, and our production facilities were bursting at the seams. Our factory at Checketts lane has served us…

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