Bio-Security – Prevent and Protect

Waste Spectrum was established almost 30 years ago with the aim of supporting the British agricultural industry in efficient & affordable disposal of animal by-products. Three decades on and we have expanded our operation, providing solutions worldwide – but our company mission has not changed.

Waste Spectrum incinerators are designed to support bio-secure operation and all our machines conform to EU & UK legislation for waste incineration. We also work hard to ensure legislative conformity for hundreds of other companies across the globe. By incinerating on-site with a Waste Spectrum incinerator, you will reduce the risk of contamination caused by waste collectors visiting your site.

The Waste Spectrum Prevent & Protect ideology is aimed at education end-users and ensuring the organisations we work with understand the most effective methods of preventing the spread of diseases and supporting them in protecting their businesses.

For the thousands of farming and animal by-product business we work with across all 7 continents, the Waste Spectrum incinerator they have on-site is vital to their safe and biosecure operation. By disposing of waste on-site without delay, they prevent the need for collection, stop the incubation time for disease and dramatically reduce the chances of disease or infection spreading to other areas of their site.

In many cases, incineration will provide a more cost-effective solution in comparison to collection. Waste Spectrum incinerators allow you to take back control of costs, maintain biosecurity, and have peace of mind that you know your waste is being dealt with responsibly.

Waste Spectrum have solutions of all sizes and with the largest range available on the market, we guarantee to have a solution to suit your operation; from one or two sheep to industrial pig or poultry operations.

We also offer free and impartial advice and guidance to people in all industries, so if you need any support with waste disposal and incineration do not hesitate to get in touch today.