Bio-security & Coronavirus

For 30 years Waste Spectrum Incineration Systems have been supporting British Farming to help guarantee bio-security. In these unprecedented circumstances the necessity to maintain and improve these standards is heightened.

The devastating effect of Coronavirus is being felt around the world and is a stark reminder of how destructive diseases can be to human life, not to mention those threatening livestock. As the Government encourages people to stay at home; the farming community are needed more than ever to maintain the flow of supplies to supermarket shelves.

Coinciding with this is the need to maintain the highest levels of bio-security and safe operation in both livestock and person to person. Especially at times of high through-put and increased demand, achieving this can be quite a challenge.

Waste Spectrum incinerators are designed to support bio-secure operation and all our machines conform to EU & UK legislation for waste incineration. By incinerating on-site with a Waste Spectrum machine, you will reduce the risk of contamination caused by waste collectors visiting your site.

In many cases, incineration will provide a more cost-effective solution in comparison to collection. Waste Spectrum incinerators allow you to take back control of costs, maintain bio-security, and have peace of mind that you know your waste is being dealt with responsibly.

Waste Spectrum have solutions of all sizes to suit your operation, from one or two sheep to industrial pig or poultry operations. Get in touch today for more information.

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