Poultry Incinerators Suitable For Any Size Operation

With over 25 years providing innovative and effective incineration solutions across the poultry industry, we have designed and developed a range of incinerators that can ensure the effective and bio-secure disposal of all your poultry waste. Whether you are a small holding or large broiler operation, we have the incineration system for you. Waste Spectrums range of British built incinerators have been purpose built for sectors throughout the poultry production industry, with machines suitable for small operations with infrequent throughputs of waste, to machines specifically designed for large operations that require regular and intensive waste disposal. We have a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of any size operation, with machines suitable for the disposal of chicks, through to chickens, turkeys and game birds.

The machines listed below have been hand picked by our team of experts, as the machines that are best suited for various poultry operations. For expert guidance, please contact our team today and we can talk you through the right machine for your needs.

All of our poultry incinerators are DEFRA type-approved and are compliant with EU emissions legislation. Our animal incinerators are also robust and precisely engineered from high-quality materials.

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At Waste Spectrum we pride ourselves on providing excellent service. Our aftercare will support you in the event you encounter any problems and we can provide you with all the training you or your team need to safely and efficiently operate your incinerator – guaranteeing you a high-quality incinerator that will provide reliability and bio-security for years to come.

You can choose from a series of options within each model to ensure the incinerator meets your exact requirements or talk to us about our bespoke solution service. If your regulations require it, we are happy to discuss emissions control and energy recovery systems which can be added either at the start or as a retro fit.

At Waste Spectrum we not only support many large poultry and livestock farms around the world in their disposal of ABPR waste, we also work with international governments on Emergency waste disposal systems.

Some of the High Capacity waste types we deal with include:

• medical waste
• drugs and illegal contraband
• animal carcasses from disease outbreaks
• waste from natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes and hurricanes

It is essential that the waste is dealt with quickly and efficiently to avoid any cross-contamination or further risk to the public and environment. Or range of mobile incinerators can be on site and ready to operate within 2 hours (depending on external factors affecting access to location)