Improper treatment of poultry waste can result in the spread of animal disease, land and water pollution, and the spread of vermin.

Investing in a Waste Spectrum poultry incinerator allows for immediate biosecure disposal of poultry carcasses. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination, the spread of animal disease, land and water pollution, spread of vermin,  and eliminates the risks associated with fallen stock collection.

From a financial and biosecure standpoint, Waste Spectrum incinerators significantly lower overheads and in turn, increase profits. As a by-product, farmers are left with only 1 to 3% sterile ash which can in most cases be spread back on the land.

To maximise your efficiencies all our poultry incinerators come equipped with our world leading highly efficient pulse fire burner systems and dual chamber technology as standard.

Developed over two decades, our robust and precisely engineered Volkan range of poultry incinerators are all designed, engineered and manufactured at our UK site.

All Waste Spectrum poultry incinerators are manufactured using our distinctive monolithic cast lining system, which is used in conjunction with our unique insulation and anchor technology, guaranteeing no bricks or joints to fail.

All Waste Spectrum poultry incinerators are DEFRA approved, comply with EU Animal By-Products Regulation (ABPR), (EC) No 142/2011.

If you have any questions about our poultry incinerators or if you have any concerns about the licences and paperwork involved, why not call us on 01905 362100 or email