All our incinerators are DEFRA approved, complying with EU By-Products Regulation (ABPR), (EC) No 142/2011. Our larger models within our range are ideal for the disposal of horse carcasses.

Why buy a large incinerator, when I can have my horse carcasses collected?

The average cost of disposing of horse carcasses through collection can be extremely high. Purchasing your own incinerator, helps to solve this problem, and is typically far cheaper per horse than using a collection scheme. Talk to us and find out what a typical payback period would be.

Beyond the financial benefits incineration also offers:

  1. Biosecurity – no carcasses are brought onto your land, no carcasses leave your land.  Incineration is a pure and simple way to protect yourself against contamination.
  2. Reliability – you can expect many years of reliable service from your Waste Spectrum incinerator but for your peace of mind we have a dedicated service team on call should you experience any problems or want advice. No more waiting for collection which can be unreliable.
  3. Protect against future costs – when carcasses are collected, you pay for them to be transported and disposed of, so when fuel costs rise, you pay twice for the increase. Purchasing an animal incinerator cuts out this unnecessary cost.

If you have any questions about our equine incinerators or if you have concerns about the licences and paperwork involved, why not call us on 01905 362100 or email