Why you need a DEFRA-approved Waste Spectrum animal incinerator.

Since the 1990s, we have been designing, manufacturing and servicing incinerators for a host of animal and animal waste-related businesses, from livestock farmers and abattoirs through to veterinary practices and pet crematoriums.

Our British-made range of robust, reliable and highly efficient incinerators are built using high-quality materials with safety in mind. By using a monolithic cast lining as opposed to brick, our machines are more reliable and durable, offering structural integrity.

As you would expect from the leading manufacturers of animal incinerators, our range complies with EU Regulation (ABPR) (EC) No 142/2011 covering animal by-products. In fact, we were the first company to achieve UK DEFRA ‘type approval’, having been instrumental in the development and interpretation of the legislation.

Using an incinerator to dispose of animal carcasses is subject to three key areas of legislation. Click here to find out more.

Ensuring that animal carcasses are dealt with in a biosecure way is vital to prevent exposure to contamination in other animal populations as well as humans. Having one of our incinerators on site helps to maintain biosecurity, reduce risk and improve safety.

It can reduce the impact of disposal costs and help to maximise profit. In addition, being low capacity means our systems will typically* not require planning permission.

Whether you deal with larger livestock or are a vet looking after smaller animals, we have a choice of static and mobile models with varying capacities, which are compatible with fuel types including diesel, LPG, biodiesel / biogas, natural gas, kerosene.

Our service doesn’t just stop when you buy a machine from us. We will not only deliver and commission your incinerator. Our qualified team of engineers provide ongoing telephone support, maintenance and servicing.

Our experienced technical sales team can talk you through incinerator sizes, burn rate, capacity, fuel type and any other technical requirements you may have. If you would like advice on the most efficient type of animal waste incinerator for your needs, why not give us a call on 01905 362100?

* depending on industry