AgroTime made contact with Waste Spectrum just a few months ago and we were immediately impressed with the speed in which they dealt with our enquiry.

Waste Spectrum acted quickly at a time when we needed their support following outbreaks of ASF in our country.

Whilst we haven’t been directly affected, it became vital for us to have full control over biosecurity on our site.

We take the health of our pigs very seriously; and the threat that ASF poses to our 40 pig houses, in which we have 85,000 pigs was a major concern. We needed a solution that would allow us to ensure biosecurity, cut costs and combat our waste.

Due to the imposing threat of disease on our business, we were pleased to know that Waste Spectrum have a lead time to suit our requirement. The whole process from start to finish has been quicker than we could have imagined.

The Hurikan 500 high capacity static incinerator offered the perfect solution and we couldn’t have expected a more professional and supportive team of people to help us. The relationship we have built with Waste Spectrum is one of strength and trust, this is very important for us.

Our incinerator will sit on our 60-acre site, in the beautiful Bulgarian countryside. The Hurikan 500 has a burn rate and efficiency which we found was unparalleled in comparison to other incinerator manufacturers building similar machines.

Elements such as burn rate and efficiency are vital for us in order to ensure we maximise our profits and productivity; and affordable, reasonable running and maintenance costs contribute to our overall payback at the earliest stage possible.

We are looking forward to operating the incinerator, which we are told is easy to operate, has a build quality so strong that we know the machine will last far into the future. We look forward to confirming this is the case.

The unrivalled technology of the Hurikan 500 allows us to provide environmentally friendly and biosecure incineration at high levels of throughput, while minimising our costs – which is the solution we needed.

So far, We would definitely recommend Waste Spectrum incinerators to those looking for a solution to their waste management. We couldn’t be happier.

– Management,