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Incineration is the quickest, most biosecure means of fallen stock disposal and, in most cases, is more cost effective than fallen stock collection.


Renting is Easy: Fixed Cost

The Waste Spectrum incinerator rental scheme gives all customers a fixed monthly cost to dispose of their fallen stock. Included in the simple monthly charge is delivery, commissioning, training and on-going support. This gives you guaranteed fixed costs* for five years.

Starting from only £90 per month, including annual service.


Key Features

– fixed all-inclusive monthly rental fee guarantee
– monthly rental
– payments are 100% tax allowable
– free training
– free annual service
– free full support package included
– no planning required



– no hidden extras, only pay for fuel used
– your capital is freed up
– offset payment against taxable profits
– ensures the incinerator is being used most efficiently and helps keep fuel costs to a minimum
– no service costs, pay only for any replacement parts
– phone access to an engineer to answer any queries
– in most cases, no planning is required for on farm incinerators that are disposing of stock from the same farm


Ideal for:

– poultry
– game birds
– sheep
– pigs
– fish


Fuel options:

– LPG bottles or tank
– nat gas
– diesel
– kerosene


Extras included:

– temperature monitor
– annual service


Options available:

– auto control panel
– heat exchanger


All models are available for rental.



Rental Brochure

VOLKAN HX series

VOLKAN 75 series

VOLKAN 150 series

VOLKAN 200 series

VOLKAN 300 series

VOLKAN 400 series

VOLKAN 500 series

VOLKAN 750 series

VOLKAN 1000 series

VOLKAN 1500 series

VOLKAN 1600 series

VOLKAN 2000 series

Hurikan 150 Series

Hurikan 500 Series

Hurikan 1000 Series


Waste Spectrum
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UK 01905 362100
INT +44 1905 362100