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advanced mobile animal carcass incinerator

Hurikan150HURIKAN 150 emergency incinerators are exceptionally robust and maneuverable units, designed to be used for rapid deployment in the event of disease, epidemic or disaster. They have been specifically developed to swiftly and easily incinerate carcasses resulting from any type of disaster including outbreaks of disease such as Avian Flu. They are ideal for use in remote, difficult to access areas.

Why choose the HURIKAN 150?

Fast burn rate
The HURIKAN’s 150 kg per hour burn rate and its unique method of de-ashing during operation (allowing continuous use) ensures that carcasses to be disposed of at speed, reducing the probability of the disease spreading.

Unique mobility
Its compact size gives extra mobility, which is vital where incineration is needed in remote, difficult to access areas. Although compact and highly maneuverable, the HURIKAN 150 features rapid incineration rates of 150kg an hour.

Rapid deployment
The HURIKAN can be operational within 20 minutes, facilitating the swift containment of disease and saving unnecessary labour costs.

Simple to use
Automatic burn cycles and manually operated waste loading as standard enable easy, effective incineration, operable by all.

Robust construction
Made from high quality materials, the HURIKAN is designed to cope with the intensive nature of mass incineration.

Legislation compliance
The HURIKAN 150 is fully EU legislation ABPR 1069/2009 compliant and for efficiency and cleaner emissions.

Why use mobile incineration?

Mobile incinerators are the quickest way to effectively contain outbreak of disease and epidemics. Bio-security is assured by moving the incinerator not the diseased carcasses. Held in reserve, a fleet of mobile incinerators can be deployed even faster, preventing the spread of diseases such as avian flu.

Technical Specifications

HURIKAN 150 Continuous Burn Trailer-mounted Emergency Incineration Unit.

Waste Type and Burn Rate
Whole animal carcass or animal parts. The incinerator will burn up to 150 kg per hour of waste based on a calorific value of 8 mega joules/kg and 65% moisture. Less calorific waste will burn at reduced rates.

Mild steel welded fabrication consisting of 6mm sheet steel and structural section supports with bracings. Twin axle agricultural trailer unit with 2,700kg capacity.

Primary chamber –
Consists of a monolithic high grade 100mm Refractory concrete with calcium silicate insulation backing, typical hot face temperature linings from 1300°C.
Secondary Chamber –
Consists of high density, low thermal mass refractory ceramic fibre with an innovative high emissivity protective coating.

Process monitoring:
The standard control incorporates digital display for both primary and secondary chamber temperatures throughout each cycle. Cycle position is also displayed on control LCD display screens. Data recording equipment is available where required.

Fully automatic high efficiency package burners with electronic ignition, flame recognition and combustion control devices fitted. Primary chamber – total 2 off burners with a total maximum rating of 160 kW. Zoned on/off control to balance heat and minimise running costs. Secondary chamber – total of 1 off burner with a total maximum rating of 80 kW. Calorific value of waste will determine whether 1 or 2 burners are used. On/off control to ensure 850o C

Diesel, 35 second fuel oil. Removable fuel tank supplied.

Exterior finish:
Multi-coat high quality, high temperature Aluminium enamel paint finished in silver.

Fully automatic sequential control provided by internal PLC system providing the following control
a. Cycle selection
b. Secondary Chamber pre-heat
c. Burn cycle
d. Cool down cycle

EU Animal by-product regulation ABPR 1069/2009 Animal by-products regulation 2005 Secondary chamber gas residence time >2 seconds @ 850oC

Electrical supply:
Portable Generator for 230VAC, 1ph 50/60Hz 16A supplied by Waste Spectrum or the customer.

Manual mechanical loading is achieved when the main loading door is opened using the standard manual winch, other loading options are available on request.

Ash Removal:
A rear access door is provided to give easy and safe ash removal during the burn cycle. The incinerator does not require cooling down.

Semi-automatic loading – using push button electric motorised opening and closing. Manual swivel crane – Used to remove the fuel container from the trailer, can be used where mechanical off loading is not available. Heavy Duty Cover – heavy duty weather cover to
protect the incinerator when not in use.


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