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Energy Recovery

Developing energy recovery solutions for the next generation

The benefits of Energy Recovery

We offer basic energy recovery systems as an optional extra to new incinerator machines or alternatively as retrofits to existing machines. Customers can either draw off hot water for washing/ heating or alternatively clean hot air for drying and heating systems.

Air to Water Heat Recovery

As the market leaders in thermally efficient incinerators, Waste Spectrum are continuously pushing the boundaries in an effort to reduce energy usage and subsequently reduce energy bills by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Waste Spectrum’s energy recovery system provides an excellent opportunity for a fantastic return on investment which could be little as one year. Hot water can be generated from the system and is immediately available; alternatively it can be stored in an insulated water tank for use at a later time.

VOLKAN HX seriesThe VOLKAN HX series is a range of highly robust heat-exchangers designed to efficiently recover incinerator waste heat in the form of hot water. Designed for use with the best selling VOLKAN incinerators, the VOLKAN HX series is available as an option; factory fitted to any new VOLKAN incinerator, or can be retro-fitted to an existing VOLKAN incinerator in service.

Series Overview

The VOLKAN HX series is fully EU legislation compliant and designed to deliver even greater levels efficiency and economy from your VOLKAN incinerator by recovering otherwise wasted heat.

  • Reduce costs by using recovered energy in the form of hot water
  • Retro-fits to any VOLKAN incinerator
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Excellent return on investment – delivering savings year after year

Series Options

There is a VOLKAN HX available for every VOLKAN incineration system. It is available in three forms, the VOLKAN HX20, HX25 and HX30.

VOLKAN HX20 to fit VOLKAN 150
VOLKAN HX25 to fit VOLKAN 750
VOLKAN HX30 to fit VOLKAN 850


Features at a glance

  • Excellent returns on investment
  • The VOLKAN HX will continue to deliver recovered energy, year after year.
  • Even greater efficiency from your VOLKAN incinerator
  • Waste heat is converted efficiently into an easily and immediately usable form – hot water – which can be stored or used.
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Reduce the use of other types of heating energy by using the heat recovered by the VOLKAN HX, reducing your energy bills and saving money.

Specifications at a glance

Height 1315mm
Maximum diameter 622mm
Water Jacket Diameter 500mm
Exhaust Stack 356mm
Weight Dry 100 kg
Filled Weight 218 kg
Water Jacket Volume 118 Litres
Relief Valve Venting Pressure 4 Bar
Relief Valve Venting Temperature 950 C
Output Temperature => 65C
Output power rating 30kW (nominal)

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UK 01905 362100
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