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The Hurikan300 has been developed to meet customer needs for hourly incineration throughputs that fall between the existing capacities of the Hurikan150 and Hurikan500 models.

This model is designed and manufactured to the same high standards that already apply to larger Hurikan models and it can offer an hourly capacity of up to 300kgs of organic (agricultural) waste, with a lower hourly (mid-range) capacity for medical and other inorganic waste.

The Hurikan300 is also capable, at it’s capacity level, of dealing easily with a similarly wide range of waste material, including carcasses resulting from catastrophic events (such as oil spillages, earthquakes and typhoons) or outbreaks of disease (Avian Flu variants, FMD, BSE and Swine Fever) Medical Waste and Contraband (such as illegal drugs).

Technical Specifications

OVERALL SIZE (L x W x H) 4.9 x 2.8 x 4.9M
WEIGHT 9.8 Tonne
BURN RATE** 300kg/hr

Medium/Fast Burn Rate

The Hurikan300’s 300kg/hr burn rate ensures that a single unit can incinerate approx: 6000 chickens daily (with an average weight of 1.2kg).

High Degree Of Mobility

The smaller dimensions of this machine compared to it’s larger sister models ensures that the Hurikan300 can be transported easily by medium capacity vehicles on a small (20ft) trailer and it has the ability to access remote sites and resolve urgent waste management issues quickly.

Rapid Deployment

The Hurikan300 can be deployed and operational within a 2 hour timescale, ensuring swift disease containment on an affected site, and also a considerable saving in unnecessary labour and waste transport costs.

Simple To Use

With automatic burn cycles and a large, but easily moveable slide on/off loading door, its simplicity offers effortless operation, despite its size.

Robust Construction

Built with high quality materials, the Hurikan300 offers reliable service when it is needed the most, designed to cope with the intensive nature of mobile incineration.

Legislation Compliance

The Hurikan300 is fully EU legislation compliant in accordance with EC 1069/2009 and also meets European norms for efficiency and cleaner emissions.

Waste Spectrum
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UK 01905 362100
INT +44 1905 362100