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The world’s leading manufacturer of incineration systems

Waste Spectrum is the industry leading manufacturer of highly efficient incineration units. Our range of incinerators are designed to provide a bio-secure option for animal carcass and medical waste incineration and for pet cremation. Robust and precisely engineered from high quality materials, all incinerators are DEFRA type-approved and compliant with EU emissions legislation (when supplied with a secondary chamber).

Established in the 1990s, our expertise in the manufacture and supply of mobile and static models has developed year on year. Suitable for municipal incineration, clinical and medical incineration and animal carcass incineration, our market leading range of incinerators always offer a bio-secure solution. Our Volkan range is suited to poultry, sheep, pig, cattle, equine, game, hunt-kennel and abattoir incineration. We also offer pet cremation systems and our VolkanPro range developed for use in clinical and medical surroundings.

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Waste Spectrum is a leading worldwide manufacturer of animal waste incinerators, marine and aquaculture incinerators, medical waste incinerators and municipal waste incinerators. We provide biosecure incinerators, with load capacities ranging from 75kg to 5000kg, to over 70 countries across the globe.

Animal Waste Incinerators

Our range of highly efficient animal waste incinerators are used for the disposal of Fallen Stock and animal by-product (ABPs), and are designed to provide a bio-secure option for animal carcass incineration and for pet cremation.

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Medical Waste Incinerators

The Waste Spectrum VolkanPro medical waste incinerator is an highly efficient, technically advanced incinerator range developed for use in clinical and medical environments. It has been developed specifically for the quick, clean and easy disposal of medical waste incineration, and the incineration of clinical waste including type 4 pathological waste (red bag waste).

The VolkanPro can be used to incinerate medical waste and can harness the heat created by the incineration process to power a heat exchanger, which can be used to heat water. It is estimated that an excess of 90% of medical waste is incinerated. Incineration has the benefit of reducing the volume of the waste, sterilizing the waste and eliminating the need for pre-processing the waste before treatment.

Municipal Waste Incinerators

The VolkanPro range can be used for the efficient and effective incineration of municipal waste and is designed to meet specific customer requirements with a series of options and specifications available for bespoke municipal waste incinerators.

The VolkanPro specification can include specific refractory linings, modified burners and a range of chamber capacities, loading options and fuel types, enabling the manufacture of a bespoke professional incinerator for specific municipal waste incineration including advanced and heavy usage.

The VolkanPro is extremely efficient at burning municipal waste and turning this waste to ash, reducing its volume and also providing heat as a by-product. This waste stream is normally mixed and includes household, garden waste, street waste as well as retail and commercial waste.

Japanese Knotweed Disposal

The Waste Spectrum VolkanPro can be trailer mounted and deployed to sites to locally incinerate invasive species such as Japanese knotweed.

Incineration of Japanese knotweed at point of problem leaves a low volume and sterile inert ash reducing the risk of spread by transportation.

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UK 01905 362100
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