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Developed in line with the popular and robust Volkan Range, the Aquaburn450 is an advanced top-loading incinerator for the disposal of dead marine stock, fish waste and blueaquaculture by-products.

It is designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK and meets current DEFRA, Animal Health in Scotland, SEPA, DARD and EU legislation. Specifically designed for the Fish Farming and Aquaculture markets the Aquaburn450 incinerator features an easy to use PLC control system, monolithic refractory lining providing robust seamless casting with no weak spots, a secondary chamber as standard and innovative hearth bars to provide a complete and clean burn every time.

The AquaBurn450’s unique hearth bar technology allows for efficient incineration from above and below, preventing clogging from fish oils, fat and grease, ensuring only clean sterile ash remains. The hearth bar design works with de-ashing door access to allow fast and efficient ash removal whilst the incinerator is still in operation, maximising efficiency and allowing continuous batch-loading removing the need for downtime. A specially designed metal basket is also available to contain the smaller fish waste and eggs, ensuring all waste is reduced to inert ash.

It is designed to use the inherent fuel properties within the animal fat to aid combustion. The robust, reliable and solid monolithic cast refractory lining means that the fats, oils and greases from the marine and aquaculture waste cannot penetrate the lining, preventing any clogging and cracking that can happen on brick and interlocking refractory lined machines.

Other features include a top-loading design that prevents leakage, a tough steel casing as standard, resilient premium silicon enamel paint (available in a range of colours), easy-touse PLC control system, and a choice of fuel types; they are perfect for installation on fish farms or fish wholesalers, as well as other aquaculture sites.


Technical Specifications

OVERALL SIZE (L x W x H) 3.1M x 3.2M x 3.0M
WEIGHT 4.2 Tonne
BURN RATE** 50kg/hr

The Aquaburn450 is fuel efficient and easy to run, operated by automatic control systems. It is the ideal solution for large volume incineration. Constructed from high quality materials in the UK, it comes with one year’s free warranty.


Internal PLC System providing control of:

  • Secondary chamber pre-heat • burn cycle (variable)
  • Cool down cycle


Fully automatic, high-efficiency burners with electronic ignition, flame recognition and combustion control devices fitted ensuring maximum fuel efficiency.

De-ash method

Doors to facilitate ash removal whilst the unit is in operation.


Mild steel welded fabrication consisting of sheet steel and structural section supports.


Monolithic high-grade refractory concrete with high-grade insulation backing. No bricks to fail. Thermally efficient.

Exterior finish

High quality, high temperature, silicon enamel paint. Range of colour options available.



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The Waste Spectrum AquaBurn 450 shown in use at a fish farm in Scotland

Waste Spectrum
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UK 01905 362100
INT +44 1905 362100